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Counseling In Schools artwork depicting COVID-19 was a monster
July 1, 2020

We are excited to share with you two recent stories published about Counseling In Schools (CIS).

This past weekend Gothamist ran, “COVID-19 Was A Monster”: How A Turbulent School Year Changed These Students’ Views, an article that highlights a project that one of our talented art therapists, Lauren Amigo, did with her students in Canarsie, Brooklyn.

Lauren asked her students to draw what they saw outside their windows, as well as what they hoped to see in the future. Her creative prompt inspired creation of powerful images that helped students better understand their own lives and the trauma of Covid-19 and systemic racism.

WNYC, New York City’s local NPR affiliate, also aired a segment, New York City Students, In Their Own Words, On A Tumultuous School Year During COVID-19, that served as a moving companion piece to the Gothamist article.
These stories reflect the skill of our staff and the valuable role our counseling services play for students as they navigate this very difficult time. We thank our CIS team as well as all of our supporters who sustain our expanded work in the communities we serve. CIS remains committed to supporting students, parents, teachers, and other members of the school community, so that children can succeed personally and academically both now and in the future.

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