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Real-world experiences and impacts of Counseling In Schools on school community staff, students and families

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The Kindness Challenge

Counseling in Schools shows how acts of kindness build positive self-esteem, partnership and pride in one’s community.

Counseling In Schools Success Stories: The Kindness Challenge
Counseling In Schools Success Stories: Good Leaders Make Good Schools. High School students working at a table.

Good Leaders Make Good Schools

Counseling in Schools partners with many high-energy principals and teachers, who demonstrate leadership by reflecting and collaborating as a team.

Of Robotics and Self Confidence

At Counseling In Schools, possibilities are awakened through inquiry and practice. Can a Robot build self-confidence?

Counseling In Schools Success Story: Of Robotics and Self-Confidence. Students studying lego robotics
Counseling In Schools Success Stories: Awakening Possibilities at MS 354. Students attend a program.

Awakening Possibilities at MS 354

In 2015, CIS entered MS 354, a Crown Heights Brooklyn middle school, as the lead community partner to implement the city’s Community School Model. The first asset we introduced into the community was our Community School Director, Amanda Bernardine.

Drawings on Asphalt

Sometimes, the seemingly simplest thing—like participating in an art class—can make all the difference for a struggling student. But for paraplegic special-education kids, there are many challenges that must be overcome before they can engage in artistic activities.

Counseling In Schools success story: Drawing on Asphalt. Students with specialized needs in art therapy
Counseling In Schools Success Story: Answering The Call. Wreckage after Hurricane Sandy

Answering The Call

Tragedy comes in many forms, which means it must be handled appropriately and effectively for each unique situation. And when it comes to natural disasters, there are many unforeseen challenges that require immediate action.

Family Fun Day

Quality family time may seem like a simple concept, but it’s certainly not a given for all of New York City’s children. And, when lacking, the longing for quality time with family members can be at the root of many children’s social, emotional and academic struggles, particularly those who live in temporary housing.

Counseling In Schools Success Story: Family Fun Day. Child in a Zebra Mask
Counseling in School collaborative and connected partnership

CIS and The Art of Healing

School communities are by no means immune to the news and stresses of the world. Case in point: the catastrophic 2010 Haiti Earthquake hit the Brooklyn’s Canarsie community hard (many students’ immediate family members lived in Haiti).

Hope, purpose and determination can flourish.

Together, let’s work toward a bright, resilient future for New York City’s children, families and schools.

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