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What is Counseling in Schools?

Counseling In Schools embeds staff in schools to create and foster healing-centered relationships. Our mission is to advance the positive impact of education on society by providing dynamic school-based interventions that result in social skill development and emotional well-being.

Working with strengths and through communities, our staff joins the journey of children, families, teachers and administrators to reach our full potential. We create programs, tools and support to address:

  • Attendance improvement/dropout prevention
  • Violence Prevention
  • Burnout mitigation for staff
  • Crisis response
  • Out-of-school time youth development
  • Social and emotional literacy
  • Socio-cultural “Trauma”
I am a Principal or School Administrator. How can I bring Counseling In Schools into my building?

Counseling In Schools holds Multiple Task Award Contracts for Student Support Services; Safe and Supportive Schools; and Professional Development. When school-based or district levels funds are available for student services, we will provide a work order that outlines the details of our work plan and the associated costs.

I am a teacher. Will Counseling In Schools programs help me with my students?

We create custom programming designed around the goals of your school, staff and students. Consider us a resource to support the social and emotional learning that takes place in your classroom. Additionally, we appreciate that you face new challenges every day and we have a support team and tools available for you. Ultimately we strive to become a trusted and valuable partner. Learn More

I'm a Parent or Guardian. What can I expect from the Counseling In Schools program?

We always aim to work with students to deepen their connections to their families and community members. Before a child enters a CIS program, we first must receive written permission from a parent or guardian. Once participating in a CIS program, our staff actively seeks to form collaborative and working relationships with family members, school staff and relevant community agencies. In all these efforts, we comply with the Rights to Privacy and Confidentiality Laws governing counseling communications. Learn More

What are Restorative Practices? Will Restorative Practices work in my school or classroom?

Restorative practices provide structures that can strengthen connections across a wide range of experiences, including the celebration of life cycle events, the integration of new or returning community members, the resolution of conflicts, and the reparation of harm. These practices, which are drawn from multi-generational and multi-cultural sources, can be used in many different settings, including schools, workplaces and families. Learn More

What are Creative Arts Therapies? How can Creative Arts Therapies help students?

Creative Arts Therapies use multiple artistic modalities to expand the opportunities for self-expression that foster emotional well-being and healthy communities.

Visual arts, mural design, creative writing, poetry, spoken word, dance, authentic movement, music, theater, and photography are some of the artistic modalities employed by our licensed creative arts therapists to support growth within individuals and school communities.

When used in schools, these expressive therapies can benefit students socially, emotionally and academically by providing an outlet to express themselves, explore their creativity, and strengthen their belief in their abilities to learn and grow. Learn More

Is Counseling In Schools a resource to help students improve their grades?

Counseling In Schools takes a holistic, restorative approach to positively contributing to the entire learning lives of students. This includes academic progress, but that’s only one part of a student’s story.

A student’s learning life isn’t limited to what happens in the classroom or between school bells. It’s more complicated than ever to be a young person in today’s world, and Counseling In Schools is uniquely designed and staffed with mental health professionals and youth development specialists to help students achieve their potential. Learn More

Hope, purpose and determination can flourish.

Together, let’s work toward a bright, resilient future for New York City’s children, families and schools.

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