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Teachers and school staff are challenged with students’ academic progress, social skill development and emotional well-being.

Overwhelm and burnout, mental health challenges, secondary or vicarious trauma and low morale are significant obstacles to personal wellness and the student experience.

Counseling in Schools addresses these challenges with embedded support, customized services and professional development.

Peer and Partner

Investing in support of school professionals has a significant effect on the whole school community. Our approach to Professional Development engages the passion and strengths of each staff member to inspire and affirm their commitment to educating children.

Counseling In Schools is a peer and partner to NYC teachers and school staff
Counseling In Schools professoinal development services in NYC. Teachers and staff receiving training.

Professional Development For NYC Teachers and School Staff

Our team delivers professional training sessions through an experiential framework that is strength-based and rooted in collaboration, creativity, and culturally responsive practices.

Put a Partner in Progress In Your School

We appreciate the challenges you face, and we can help with customized, collaborative services for teachers and staff. Let’s have a conversation about your possibilities.

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