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Creative Arts Therapies use arts to expand the opportunities for self-expression that foster emotional wellbeing and healthy communities.

Visual arts, mural design, creative writing, poetry, spoken word, dance, authentic movement, music, theater, and photography are some of the artistic modalities employed by our licensed creative arts therapists to support and nurture growth.

Are you looking for art activities to use at home to promote your child’s well-being?

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What Are Creative Arts Therapies?

They’re a form of therapy that helps children and adults to express themselves, manage their emotions and find solutions to problems. These unique therapies can be used to improve social skills, address trauma, or communicate meaning.

What are creative arts therapies? Student drawing self portrait from Counseling In Schools
Counseling in Schools high school students creating art

What Are the Benefits of Creative Arts Therapies in Schools?

Used in schools, these therapies provide an outlet for students to express themselves, explore their creativity, and develop their self-esteem.

Creative Arts Therapies also help students who are struggling academically by providing them with opportunities to strengthen their belief in their abilities to learn and grow.

Meet KB, a 2nd grader in a NYC public School

KB was referred to Counseling in Schools for disruptive behavior in class, with frequent episodes of overwhelming anxiety both at school and at home. KB’s behavior and academic record improved remarkably, but remote learning during the pandemic presented some new challenges. Under her Creative Art Therapist’s care and guidance, KB improved her coping skills. By using art as an outlet, she started to re-channel her energy towards hope and positive attitudes.

Counseling In Schools creative arts therapies success story. Young student with paint on her hands

Creative arts therapy is not about making art for the sake of making art; it is about using artistic expression.

We have a dynamic yet very demanding Pre-K through Grade 8 environment, and we are only able to afford one school counselor on our yearly budget. The addition of the Creative Arts Therapist from Counseling in Schools has uplifted the climate and culture in our school in so many ways.

He has built a positive working relationship with scholars that many have had a very hard time reaching and has taught them life skills, conflict resolution skills and how to cope when under stress.

Our parents speak so highly of our Therapist’s work with them and their children. Since his arrival the number of negative incidents with the scholars he services have all but disappeared, and he is a constant support to our scholars, their families and our faculty. Teachers also speak of the positive changes in behavior from those scholars in their classrooms that he services regularly.

Our Creative Arts Therapist from Counseling in Schools is the shining definition of value added in our school community. His positive energy, attitude and impact continues to be the best gift to our school community.

Qadir B Dixon

Principal, PS.IS 288

Let’s Create Something Together

By itself or as part of our comprehensive services, Creative Arts Therapy is a powerful way to help students express themselves, communicate and connect to others. Curious how it can work for your school? Let’s explore what’s possible.

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