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Child and family counseling helps children improve their ability to relate and communicate, developing better relationships with their parents, families, friends and communities. 

Counseling in Schools counseling programs are staffed and supervised by advanced-level counselors with extensive experience in child and family counseling. Our teams are trained to meet the unique needs of each community and integrate into schools at least three days per week.

Direct counseling services from Counseling In Schools helps students and youth manage and learn coping skills

Direct Counseling

Our Direct Counseling programs for children and families are custom-designed to meet the unique needs of each community.

Some of the obstacles our students and their families are experiencing may include homelessness, bereavement, trauma and abuse. Individual assessments are conducted to determine the optimal modality for each student, including referrals to our network of specialists.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling allows students to address their social and emotional needs within caring relationships with responsible, specially trained adults. This dynamic develops self-confidence, a greater sense of their behavioral choices, a desire to set and achieve personal goals and a greater capacity to integrate into a learning environment.

Counseling In Schools offers individual counseling sessions to students and youth in New York City
Group counseling services from Counseling In Schools in New York City

Group Counseling

Group counseling for students and children helps improve communication and relationships through discovering commonalities with their peers, making them feel less isolated. Groups may focus on general support or work around common themes such as anger management, grief, gender-based issues, life transitions, and family stress management.

Family Counseling

Family counseling addresses ongoing stress in the family, including among parents and guardians, and works to build trust and develop listening skills.

Counseling In Schools family services include counseling, restorative practices and more. Family in discussion and supporting each other.

Trauma-informed, strength-based

One student came from Ecuador, leaving her friends, extended family, and her neighborhood. She migrated to the USA with her mother and two siblings. The journey was harrowing as they walked miles through the desert and crossed rivers just to reach their destiny and get picked up by immigration.

The student and her siblings were separated from their mother for five frightful, traumatic days. When the student was referred to Counseling In Schools, she was not adapting well to being in NY. We provided empathetic listening and supportive counseling, allowing space for cultural adjustments to be made. By use-of-self techniques, also from the Latinx culture, our counselor validated her feelings about the painful experience of being separated from many loved ones and tasked with adapting to so many changes at once.

When the student demonstrated a willingness to participate in a group setting, we added her to a socialization group that fostered relationship building with other students that had experienced similar migration ordeals. Our counselors continued to engage her in individual sessions as well, employing trauma-informed, strength-based techniques.

Counseling In Schools creative arts therapies success story. Young student with paint on her hands

Let’s Start Something Together

Our expert, licensed staff fortify the foundation of social and emotional development by focusing on an awareness of the self within social systems and understanding the emotions driving behaviors and shaping experiences. Let’s have a conversation about how counseling for your students and families can make a difference in awakening possibilities.

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