Robin Schlenger, LCSW

Clinical Director

Robin Schlenger, LCSW, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who also practices Drama Therapy and Psychodrama.  She received her Master’s In Social Work from New York University in 2005 and has a Post Master’s certificate in Clinical Practice with Adolescents.  Before coming to CIS, Robin worked in a private psychiatric hospital for children and adolescents, residential facilities and a therapeutic day school. She also has had a private practice.

Robin began working for CIS eight years ago as a direct service staff at a High School in the Bronx.  She has been a Field Instructor and Clinical Supervisor, and is currently one of the Clinical Directors at CIS.  Robin supervises the direct service staff, helps develop and monitor agency documentation, and constructs clinical protocols and functions as a member to the Professional Development team.

She is very interested in the field of Complex Trauma and how it corresponds to oppression and Institutional Racism. Robin is also actively involved in ED-WARG NYC (European Dissent- White Anti-Racist Group) as a member.

Robin SchlengerLCSW, Clinical Director