Kevin Dahill-Fuchel

Kevin Dahill-Fuchel

Executive Director

A leader in school-based social work programming, Kevin has more than 20 years of experience in working with children, families and school staff.

Kevin joined CIS in 1993 as a Counselor and advanced to become a Supervisor, Trainer & Manager. Through his 23-year career at CIS, Kevin has led the process to evolve CIS’ service reach beyond counseling services to include a multi-dimensional and strength-based menu of services that support an entire school community. As a result, he became the first Executive Director of Counseling In Schools succeeding the Founder, Cindy Jurow.
In his current role, Kevin is committed to developing a team leadership model within the organization that embodies the non-oppressive, collaborative systems that are needed to effectively take on the complex challenges routinely faced in schools by children, families, teachers and administrators.

Kevin’s outstanding work has been acknowledged through accolades including the Massachusetts Commonwealth Award, the West Side Chamber of Commerce Award, and Hunter College’s Jacob Goldfiend Award.

Prior to joining CIS, he worked at the Sojourner House Family Shelter in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

Kevin graduated from the Hunter College School of Social Work.

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