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Counseling In Schools promotes the emotional and social growth of children to thrive in school and succeed in life.

Our approach involves assessing each child’s developmental, social, emotional, and cultural experiences from multiple perspectives. Our programs serve to promote healing, awaken possibilities and inspire hope for a bright future.

The Mission of Counseling In Schools is to advance the positive impact of education on society by providing dynamic school-based social and emotional learning interventions.

Building on the strengths of school communities to inspire hope and promote healing.

Our staff includes over 100 mental health professionals and youth development specialists, all dedicated to anti-racist, anti-oppressive, healing-centered practices. Our counselors are embedded in schools for the entire school year, becoming an essential part of the fabric of learning and support.

Counseling In Schools currently provides New York City schools support for 7,000 students in 94 programs and community shelters.

Professional development services include peer support to affirm the strengths of teachers and administrators in their commitment to education.

Hope, purpose and determination can flourish.

Together, let’s work toward a bright, resilient future for New York City’s children, families and schools.

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Counseling In Schools is supporting the emotional and social wellbeing of New York City school communities, creating programs that equip children, families, teachers, and administrators with tools and support to flourish and thrive.

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