Our Services

CIS Staff are Embedded in a School to Provide:

↓ Counseling Services

CIS staff fortify the foundation of social and emotional development by focusing on an awareness of the self within social systems and an understanding of the emotions that are driving behaviors and coloring experiences. Individual Counseling offers students an opportunity to develop this awareness and understanding within caring relationships being formed with responsible adults who are specially trained to reflect upon and support social and emotional development.  Group Counseling is offered to take advantage of peer support and peer to peer experiences that allow for both the development of self-awareness and the practice of new understandings. Family Counseling sessions are designed to build trust and listening skills that can open and develop the lines of communications between family members. Creative Arts Therapies support the many ways that all people make meaning of their lives and connect to their strengths. Visual arts, mural design, creative writing, poetry, spoken word, dance, authentic movement, music, theater and photography are some of the artistic modalities employed by our licensed creative arts therapists to support growth within a school community.

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↓ Youth Development

In order to counteract the “access and opportunity gaps” that stand in the way of positive socialization for many students, Counseling In Schools’ implements Youth Development programs that strengthen social skills, expand access to healthy extra-curricular activities, and deepen connections to surrounding communities. Taking place before, during and after school, as well as on weekends and during school breaks, these services create opportunities for life long growth.

students in the Rise Above Bullying program

↓ Restorative Practices

Restorative practices in school settings have proven to be effective tools for increasing the social engagement of students who had otherwise been disengaged from the school community. These practices, which are drawn from multi-generational and multi-cultural sources, give voice and agency to all school community members.  By supporting the implementation of restorative practices and skills to adults and children, our staff help create and restore the value of accountability for equity, inclusion, engagement, safety, and cooperation within the school as a whole, thereby establishing a school culture and climate that supports growth for everyone.

Students in a group session

↓ Professional Development

All staff in a school community have a significant impact on a student’s life. Investing in the support of school professionals has a significant impact on the whole school community. Our approach to implementing Professional Development programs is to engage the passion and strengths of each staff member that inspire and affirm their commitment to educating children.  Our coaching services, on-going support groups and/ or brief-topic workshop sessions are built upon credible and trusting relationships with school staff and administrators.  Our staff deliver professional training sessions through an experiential framework that is strength-based and rooted in collaboration, creativity, and culturally responsive practices.

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