Selena Williams

Program Director

Selena Williams holds a Master’s of Science in Urban Studies from Hunter College and is currently earning a Ph.D. in Urban Education from the CUNY Graduate Center. Selena has worked for the Department of Education as a District Family Advocate. She facilitated the procedure and process of resolving disputes between schools and families by utilizing her skills as a trained certified mediator. Selena supported families as they navigated through challenging situations, and also worked at United Way as a Program Officer where she provided quality assurance for programs in New York City public schools. She has over ten years of experience building community, providing training, conducting workshops, and developing mentoring partnerships.

Selena Williams joined CIS in 2013. Her first involvement with the agency was as a family counselor, a workshop facilitator, and a program manager. She is now a Program Director where she ensures the delivery of quality social/emotional support for families and school staff.

Selena Williams – Program Director