Arts in the Middle: Panel Discussion with Lincoln Center Education

David Kener, CIS Program Director, will be speaking at a panel on Tuesday, January 13th to help inform LCE’s teaching artists about trauma-informed practices they can use in LCE’s Arts in the Middle program.

Ten percent of New York City’s 1,700 public schools have little to no arts programming. As a result, thousands of students lack even a single day of music, dance, theater or visual arts provided by a licensed arts teacher or a teaching artist. This lack of artistic outlet stunts social and emotional development and leaves children who have experienced trauma with very few creative avenues for healing. In response, Lincoln Center Education (LCE) began a pilot program called Arts in the Middle in fall 2013, designed in partnership with the New York City Department of Education as part of a larger middle school reform effort. This 3-5 year pilot provides arts education programming and teacher training at underserved middle schools with the goal of making the arts an important part of students’ learning and development.

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